Full Body Harnesses

Arc Flash Harnesses

Arc Flash Harnesses are durable, with an ASTM F887 rating, and are designed to protect a worker during a fall after an arc-flash exposure at 40 cal/ cm². EVOTECH® is designed with self-extinguishing Kevlar webbing, while the Workman®’s nylon webbing provides added protection at an economical price. The Gravity® Utility is used in tower climbing electrical applications.
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EVOTECH® Harnesses

For the latest design features that improve user comfort, ease of use, durability, and user safety, choose the  EVOTECH ® Harness. The EVOTECH harness has Nanosphere® coating on the webbing that repels grease, dirt & moisture.
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FP Textile Harnesses

Includes 1-Ring, 3-Ring, 4-Ring and Kevlar harnesses.
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Specialty Environment Harnesses and Lanyards

JOIN THE RESISTANCE. MSA Specialty Harnesses and Lanyards provide durability when working in extreme environments. Penetrating substances such as oil, grease, water and paint can destroy a harness. For stainless steel corrosive environments, the Workman® Stainless Steel Full Body Harness and Workman Stainless Steel Lanyard are well-suited.  Components are resistant to harsh environments so they maintain durability when used in corrosive environments. Keep harnesses clean and in working condition. Join the resistance against harsh environments with MSA.
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Superlight Harnesses

The Superlight harnesses are especially designed to protect people working at height keeping the cost of ownership low. All products are light, simple, and meet EN and National Chinese Standard requirements.
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TechnaCurv® Harnesses

The TechnaCurv® Full Body Harnesses offer features never seen before in full-body harnesses: Curvilinear comfort system, Visco-Elastic shoulder padding, and Sorbtek fabric on the shoulder and sub-pelvic pads. The harness is designed with downward adjusting torso straps on most models to ease fitting. 
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