Defender® Visor for Cairns® 1010 and 1044 Helmets

The Defender Visor stays clean inside your fire helmet until needed for overhaul and non-IDLH search-and-recovery. Sleek and attractive design allows for fast, easy raising and lowering of the fire helmet visor even with gloved hands.
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F2 X-TREM Accessories

To enhance the modularity of the F2 X-TREM helmet, MSA developed a wide range of accessories perfectly suited for all applications. From helmet mounted lighting solutions to secure operations at night, to tight eye protection for wildland fire-fighting, MSA thoroughly engineered each accessory to optimize safety in a wide variety of technical rescue and wildland firefighting missions.
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MSA Cairns® Front Holders

Used exclusively with Cairns Traditional and Leather Fire Helmets (N5A New Yorker, N6A Sam Houston, Cairns 1010, 1044 and 880 Traditional). MSA Fire Helmet Front and Shield Holders divert energy from your head, neck and spine during an impact or acceleration hazard.
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