MSA Cairns® Front Holders

MSA Cairns Front Holders are used exclusively on MSA Cairns traditional style fire helmets (N5A New Yorker, N6A Sam Houston, 1010, 1044 and 880 Tradition). They are designed to help divert energy from the head, neck and spine if the helmet encounters an impact or acceleration hazard.

Part Number


  • Fit our Cairns leather and traditional helmets
  • Made in the USA
  • Options include...
    Silk-screened eagle and maltese cross for 5" and 6" fronts
    Carved eagle, beaver and dragon for 6" fronts
    Carved eagle for 5" fronts (880 Tradition only)
    Carved eagle for 8" fronts (G5A and G64 presentation helmets only)
    Carved bulldog for 6" fronts
Markets: Fire Service
Applications: Firefighting