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Working in gas, coal, oil, hydroelectric, renewable or nuclear power plants is challenging. From generation to transmission and distribution the health and safety of workers needs to be protected in all applications. Field workers are widely recognised as having more hazardous occupations but plant employees can also work under dangerous conditions.

When selecting the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by individual work place these are some of the risks that need to be considered:

  • Arc flash causing high temperature, intense light, sound pressure, droplets of molten metal and high speed particles
  • Accidental contact with electricity
  • Injuries from falling objects
  • Falls from heights during normal operation or maintenance
  • Irritation or injury to eyes from UV radiation, dust, dirt or other particles
  • Presence of hazardous and toxic materials
  • Chemical splashes
  • Boiler fires and explosions

MSA‘s expertise with electrical worker protection is evident throughout its wide range of safety solutions covering head, eye, face, hearing, fall protection and portable gas detectors. MSA products meet local and international standards and are developed to ensure the highest safety requirements. MSA's goal is to make workplaces in power plants safer, offering reliable PPE with high comfort and modern designs.

  • Portable Gas Detection
  • Head, Eye, Face Protection
  • Supplied Air Respirators
  • Air Purifying Respirators
  • Fall Protection