Standard Retractable Lanyard.
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The Latchways Standard Self-Retracting Lanyard range offers a dependable means of fall protection and has been specifically designed for use in a number of different environments enabling an unhindered hands-free fall protection solution. Utilizing modern engineering and innovative design, they are the most advanced self-retracting lanyards on the market.

Part Number

Latchways Standard Cable SRL, 30' (9m), Stainless Steel Cable

Length: 625.000 MM (24.606 IN)
Width: 183.000 MM (7.205 IN)
Height: 125.000 MM (4.921 IN)
Weight: 6.034 KG (13.303 LB)
Color: GRAY

Latchways Standard Cable SRL, 50' (15m), Stainless Steel Cable

Length: 667.000 MM (26.260 IN)
Width: 217.000 MM (8.543 IN)
Height: 127.000 MM (5.000 IN)
Weight: 7.418 KG (16.354 LB)
Color: GRAY
  • Completely field servicable
  • Frictionless Constant Force® braking mechanism
  • ATEX assessed
  • Impact resistant housing
  • 100% Full Contact™ locking mechanism
  • Stainless steel chassis & components
  • Available in web & cable
  • 400lbs. worker capacity (cable only)
Markets: General Industry, Oil & Gas, Utilities
Applications: Confined Space, Working at Heights

Approvals subject to change without notice and may differ based on configuration, part number and/or country.
Contact Customer Service or check approval label on product for specific approval information.

Meets applicable OSHA requirements

ANSI Z359.14

CSA Z259.2.2


ABNT NBR 14628

AS/NZS 1891.3